Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Darth Vader Decoder Ring

The day stretches out ahead of me and I wish that it wouldn't.  It's an implied expectation.  I wish it would just leave me alone. I want to just lie in bed and sleep, even more than I have so far. My wife is trying to get me to go to the beach. I probably should go but I am not feeling energetic. I know that I will get there, sit in the sand, look around and wonder why I would do such a foolish thing.

I read Selavy's post this morning when I woke up.  Don't let him fool you. He does not like to be wrong about the full moon.  He jokes about me being an "astrologer" but he prides himself in knowing the lunar cycles.  He has challenged me three times now on the occurrence of the full moon and three time he has been wrong.  He knows this.  It is well documented.  

This last time I even tried to help him, texting him a day in advance as to when the full Harvest Moon will actually rise, knowing that he would side with all those who will get it wrong. I didn't bother explaining beforehand why they would be wrong, just that they would be, trusting that he would look into it and discern the truth for himself.  He chose to use ABC news as his trusted source for science.  He got exactly what he paid for.

He attempted to make the lame assertion that he sides with the poets. As if it's not possible to be right and poetic. Wrongness about such a thing is deemed poetic only in minds softened by superstitions and pseudo-science. His poetics is the flimsiest assertion I've heard in some time, especially considering he made a point of noting that it was I that was actually wrong in his post.  This was not a poetic challenge he made, but one of actual fact, or so he thought.  Now he won't let it go because this is his idea of the "high road" that he assured me that he would take, and how foolish I would appear by him doing so.  

Yes, this high-road that includes many hermits, mountain goats and moon scholars.  Fuck, there might even be a few astrophysicists up there on his high road with him, or maybe Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda.  Who knows... maybe next time his Darth Vader decoder ring will inform him of the many rising moons of Tatooine. 

He's one short stumble away from senility so I try to go easy with him, but early onset Alzheimer's is no laughing matter. One day I might actually have to search the high roads to find him wandering there, chasing merlins and moonbeams.