Friday, March 10, 2017

Fukushima? No, Fuk-u-shima!

The boy and his mother leave for Tahoe today, a weekend skiing trip planned with the boy's buddy and the boy's buddy's mother. Moms and sons, off and up into the semi-wild Sierras to go snow chasing. The boy loves snow, talks about it in his sleep.

I will take the boy to the mountains soon, also. Denver, in mid-April, the Easter-Tax weekend. So, he will get his fill of snow sports before the climate deniers have it their way. 

CS sent me a link this morning documenting the wild radioactive boar problem at Fukushima. I was tempted to go change the hyperlink color to red for this post, but fuck it.... I might not ever change it back. Then you, my dear readers, would be stuck with distractingly colored hyperlinks. The editorial team here at seanq6 would be forced to cite our standards and practices manual. It's just not worth it, the bureaucracy that goes into living simply and easily. I'll file a Feature Request rather than a Bug Report for this one. It is my job to document the details of the apocalypse. 

The only thing that would make the wild boar story better is if they had all become sex-crazed and were multiplying at a heretofore unseen rate. The little radioactive boar babies could be terrorizing everybody that tries to eat them. Oh yeah, boar is a delicacy in that region. What could possibly go wrong. They've run out of land to be used as mass graves for them. 

The free market has spoken.

"There is no end to the shame of being human." - CS



  1. What do you think it means to be a "Jeepster for your love?"

    No. Don't google it. Let's pretend the Internet is only a way to talk to other humans. Not find out everything in the world without having to think. And communicate. I am starting to feel afraid of what's out there.

    We have a blizzard ... I'm listening to my Mott the Hoople pandora station. Smoking pot.

    Sorry I didn't connect my comment to your post. I'm selfish today.

  2. I listened to every Bowie album today from Man Who Sold The World to Scary Monsters. I stopped there, to save myself the embarrassment. I listened to The Slider at the gym a few weeks ago.