Saturday, July 18, 2020

Why Not Buy?

Like CS, I want new cameras, also. But I don't want to get rid of any that I already own. My "problem," if it can be considered one, is that I have limited my lens mounts to Nikon's F and the Fujinon X-Series. So, I just keep finding excuses to buy lenses for those systems, mostly Nikon. If I were to buy a medium format system then I could start wasting my money in new ways. 

I only say "waste" in that I mainly take family portraits and candid shots. Anything more than a 35mm system is probably overkill, in an area in which I have already demonstrated overkill of a few other kinds. Add to that, I have never studied 35mm photography enough to understand color and contrast very well, much less lighting. I have relied almost exclusively on having nice cameras and lenses, trying to predict or determine the best place to be to get the shot I want, and attempting to utilize a few basic compositional techniques. Beyond that, I don't know very much about photography. I just shoot a lot, which allows me to "get lucky" more often. Luck is no guarantee. Particularly if your eye doesn't see the "luck" later when you are glimpsing over the shots that you have taken. 

I woke up and listened to The Olympians self-titled album. Now, I have moved on to country music - Emmylou Harris's Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town. I am just biding time until Raquel and the boy leave. He has a playdate with one of his friends. I am looking forward to some time to just lie around the house and read. A rarity, to be sure. The stillest things in our house are the fans (A reference to CS's post from today). It would be nice if it were possible to trade lives with another for a while. I wonder whose life I would admire the most. Right now I crave time to myself, but who knows what horrors that would deliver once my wishes were granted. 

I had a dream a few nights ago that the boy and mom had died in an accident. I woke up immediately from the fear and shock of it, but the thought of what life might be like after that was a bit much for me. Fun times, of course. If you want to give yourself a few laughs just imagine the people you love being killed suddenly in an accident. These are the horrors of middle age. Luck is no guarantee.