Saturday, July 11, 2020

Paradox, where is my chalice?

Similar to CS, I wrote a post but deleted it, then wrote part of another and did the same. It described a date that Raquel and I went on last night. It is best not to catalog the disappointments of love. It felt therapeutic to write it and then again to delete it. Perhaps that is how our next breakup will feel - therapeutic. We're overdue. It's what we do every few years. 

I just started listening to the new My Morning Jacket album - The Waterfall II. They have further abandoned their southern rock roots for a more "classic" psychedelic sound, which is just fine with me. I loved that southern sound, having grown up with a version of it, but they have other talents. 

I do not listen to them for intellectual pleasure. There is something innocent about the honesty of their intentions. I permit or ignore lyrics from Jim James that would cause me to laugh most others right off the speakers. 

I had a chocolate glazed donut and a handful of nacho cheese flavored Doritos for breakfast this morning, to remind myself a little bit what being single is like when you're alone and nobody's there to help you. Heartburn replacing what used to fill that space. I love her much, but we should really start thinking about the future. 

Paradox, where is my chalice?
Jester, where is my gimbal?
Gypsy, bring me the goblets.