Monday, July 27, 2020

Christodora and This Is Memorial Device

I've started reading a book whose setting is essentially the East Village from 1980-2010. It is odd and unintentionally coincidental that I am also reading a book that imagines a fledgling punk scene from the early 80s, in Scotland. This causes me to mix up the narratives and chronologies a little bit, though in that there is a type of excitement, like having two teams of friends in which there is some slight overlap in the rosters and game schedules. 

The picture above was taken on Avenue A. They were shooting a scene. It is the church that sits on the corner right next to the Russian and Turkish Baths, if they are still there. Yes, I looked. they are still there. Though, I should know better and stop verifying if things that I loved about NYC are still there. It is either nostalgia or some feigned minor heartbreak about a nostalgia which has been irretrievably broken. 

Such is love, minor and major.