Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Roma '80

I can't tell what the fuck is going on. Google Blogger have updated their platform. Like a technophobe, I have avoided upgrading to the new user interface. I think that I've posted a Talking Heads live concert video from Rome in 1980 below, but it is not showing me a preview, as it used to. A blank video playback icon appears there, only. There are lots of new features in their interface. It seems that they are providing more html support now. It took them 10 years to update this product, at least when international law wasn't forcing them to do so as a result in Europe's privacy laws.

The Right To Be Forgotten.  It seems a lost or distant dream that America would, or could, ever pass a similar set of laws. Ones that are designed to protect the individuals from the voraciousness of the free markets. I love the phrase and I use it all the time - the right to be forgotten

Ah well. What is a poor ol' boy supposed to do? Whine and cry 'bout these trifles.

I may try to write more later. For now, I am exhausted. Fuck it all.