Sunday, July 12, 2020

Every time we take this route

Today - Doran Beach. I took pictures but have not extracted them from the cameras. None of the pics were any good. I could tell as I was shooting them. I was just shooting to be shooting. A lot of people must feel that way.

I love the pic above - Raquel feeding the boy in the car. Sweet days. The pic below was taken later that night, after his bath. We were at the beach this day also - Point Reyes National Seashore - though it was much cooler. All the pics reflect that in the choice of clothes. The great Pacific winds. The California Poppies were blooming.

I have been trying to kiss her breasts ever since and will whine and cry sometimes if she doesn't let me. Or, I used to. I'm not sure what I do now. I feel as if I have quite a poker face lately. I'm not even sure how I feel, so less finds its way to my face. 

Today, we went with two other families - five adults, four kids, two dogs, two bottles of rosé, a kite, a frisbee, music, sun and sand, etc. The boy lost one of his shoes in the dunes. This prevented us from going to a restaurant on the ride home. There is a place as you're leaving Bodega Bay - where Hitchcock filmed The Birds - they sell Gloria Ferrer champagne and all types of oysters by the dozen and by the half dozen. 

Every time we take this route, I want to stop.