Monday, May 16, 2016

A thousand pardons, Sultan Pepper

Google is useless today. It will not let me upload an image for today's post, nor use any image saved from previous posts or uploads. The modal popup does not populate. Free services are tiresome.

Failed to load resource: A server with the specified hostname could not be found.


I need my buddy Noel to file a public bug report for Google on Facebook.

I was going to use a picture I took over the weekend of a regular reader here, a portrait of sorts. I liked the image of her and had hoped to exploit the new, free face for traffic to my site. I had thought to maybe do a new series of portraits of readers, starting with a local one. 

I'll be interviewing the Time-Warner tech guy by the end of the month.

I drank yesterday - wine. It felt wonderful as it was happening, but I awoke today and remembered its lingering nature. I went for a bike ride at lunch to expel its wicked wretchedness from my soul and many temples in the form of bodily sweat.  It seemed to work, though I want to go to the pub soon, so perhaps it has its mysterious claws sunk deep into me. 

Sometimes I wish I could masturbate while I was riding my bike, mostly just to increase my heart rate, and because it is what I like to do, but there are a few problems with trying to implement this exercise regimen publicly. When are the liberals going to take up my causes? Masturbation is just as natural and beautiful as breast feeding. While it lacks as far as nurturing is concerned, it still has its physiological merits. Studies suggest that people should probably do more of it.

That's just science, though.

Okay, I was going to write an observation that I made about emotions while riding today, but now it seems ill-suited for the rest of this piece, and I do not wish to further jumble my juxtapositions.

The administrative faculty of this site would like to deeply apologize for the lack of image in today's post. We offer this post as recompense and wish to express our deepest apologies for any inconvenience and feelings of unpleasantness that reading these words today may have caused you.