Friday, May 6, 2016

But, I'm a good customer!

I despise owning a car, much of the time. It is the by-product of the choices I've made, I know. I lived for many years without one and was not at all unhappy as a result. I put my car in the shop to get new brake pads. I called, they said come pick it up in 45 minutes. My ex-wife gave me a ride to the shop, so I bought her lunch around the corner from the shop. A cute little deli/wine shop: Sonoma's Best. 

Then, they called. 

Ooops, we were working on two VWs at the same time. Yours needs brake pads and rotors. You can pick it up later this afternoon. It'll be $600 instead of $200, as of right now.

Plus lunch, I said.

It's usually best to have the power to stop when so freely given the power to go. I can think of many things that I'd rather spend my money on, which is part of the problem: I always do. I'd like to learn to manage my money better but I know that I only want that capacity so that I could waste it all much more grandly when I do. The idea of saving appeals to me, though only for the purpose of more significant splurging. I'd make an ideal crack-head, even though I harbor some moral opposition to paying for crack. If I changed my feelings on the matter, ever so slightly, then dealers would be fighting for my business. Beating down my door with a better mousetrap, etc.

Speaking of, I used to write about more topical issues on this site, but the presidential race combined with social media has beaten the topics of cancer and capricorn right out of me. 

Now, I sit here working, trying to remind myself of any good financial decisions I may have accidentally made. There haven't been very many, and they are all quite spread out, not entirely unlike my ex-wives. There haven't been many, and they have been spread out.

If I live long enough then perhaps I'll be frivolous enough to squeeze into another one, just before the final bell, before the last of the glass bulbs drop.