Friday, May 20, 2016

"… no need to inspect or act upon"

This site, quite inexplicably, seems to magically have the power to draw women closer to me. I know, it seems implausible that such horrific internal thought, typed out in arduous daily effort, could have the effect of some small feminist appeal, but it does seem so. 

It is magic. It is a new truth, birthed from little smiles around the eyes.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to transmute vague interest into real and actual sex with another person. I mean complicit penis-pussy penetration. 

Life used to be so much easier, in Florida. Women, some of them, will have sex with somebody if you unexpectedly make them giggle. It's known as hospitality

Out here, in the west, you have to also solemnly affirm their liberal inner spirit, for many years. They have a rather rigid verification process in place that prevents some quackery, tomfoolery, misery, and also happiness.

I think selfies are funny; harmless, for the most part. I rarely find pictures of myself that I am happy with, so to strike a familiar bathroom pose and take one was a very minor novelty for me. I've only done it fifty or more times before.

A friend texted that I look "ten years younger" in response to yesterday's picture… now that I have shaved. It is not the loss of facial hair alone that creates this visual affect, it was also 25 pounds of effective blubber. I am Oprah-esque in this regard. I have a transparent trash bag sitting here next to my dining room table filled with the amorphous marbling that used to clog my arteries, sending highlights of off-white lipids along the fibers of muscle.

 I bet my stomach region tastes like bacon.

My friend admonished me, claiming that wine does not make a person fat, that excess does. There are lots of things I do in excess that have no calories, some relentlessly vigorous activities that burn calories in only one hand. 

I have retained my mannish fingers through all of this.

Wine has calories, in direct relation to the volume consumed.

Some are born to sweet delight. 
Some are born to endless night.

What is so easy for many is so elusive for others.


Ugh, honestly. Fuck this. I have spent most all day reading, hoping to understand the wide-sweeping implications of RFC 2821. That's right, my little-love-drugly-fuck-addicts, there are no big friendly ecstasy smiles at Chateau Q6 this afternoon. 

No laughs, no replacements, nor updates to this pivotal protocol.

Just this:

As discussed in section 2.4.1, a relay SMTP has no need to inspect oract upon the headers or body of the message data and MUST NOT do so except to add its own "Received:" header (section 4.4) and, optionally, to attempt to detect looping in the mail system (see section 6.2).

The flat recommendation "… has no need to inspect or act upon" does not preclude doing so, particularly as reflective response in smtp communication might otherwise imply. 

It is far more complicated than I have led on here. Yet, as with all RFCs: FUCK 'DIS

Dat's how I'm livin'