Thursday, May 12, 2016

My son

No time today, am busy with work.

I had an idea for a post early this morning while I was riding, maybe for later or tomorrow.

Yesterday, the boy and I went to the grocery store and he desperately wanted some sort of candy or chocolate at the checkout stand - an idea which I shot down.

He pleaded and begged. His happiness sometimes hinges on my verbal edicts, you see.

I found a small bar of chocolate-coconut that I told him we could share once we made it into the car - thinking that having an ally in the loading process would serve me well.

We bought the groceries, hundreds of dollars worth, he then studiously marched out to the car and put himself in his booster seat.

After I started the car and was heading out of the parking lot, he gently reminded me of our pact, our shared chocolate secret.

I unwrapped it and broke it in two, offering him the slightly larger piece. We enjoyed it in relative silence.

Some time after the licking of the lips, he offered his assessment:

Coconut's hard to get in your tummy., It stays in your mouth too long.