Monday, May 23, 2016


I felt much better when I wasn't drinking. Over the weekend I drank as I normally would, so now I contend with the enervating aftermath, the life drain. I am tempted to go have a beer, but I know how short-lived the hair of the dog is for this feeling. It is a one hour cure. I don't feel that bad, just tired. One good night's sleep and I'll be back in form. 

At least I had fun. I went to an outdoor music festival in Golden Gate Park yesterday - All Day I Dream. It was fun and I ran into a bunch of friends. Like led to like... I would post a picture here of the ones that I took but they are in the camera, and the camera is impossibly positioned in the other room.

I had not realized that this upcoming weekend was Memorial Day Weekend, so I'll have Monday off as well as it being my weekend with the boy. I might plan a little adventure. I have no ideas. 

Message me, universe.

I have nothing to say. I just closed my eyes and hit a few keys on the keyboard, then looked to see if it would give me any ideas. I swear this is the truth, it spelled: etc