Saturday, December 19, 2015


I neglected to write a post yesterday. I was out running around with my friend doing errands. I did not want to send the wrong message concerning my trip to Vegas. It has not been all just hookers and blow, etc. There was some sushi, also.

I desperately need a coffee, now. I have slept much better and later into the morning in my friend's darkened pool/guest house than I ever do at home. Admittedly, there has been much drinking, and then some later after-drinking, then me trying to persuade my hosts to adopt some more refined country music sensibilities, and probably some Xanax and muscle relaxers and pain killers.

Now, there will be a lunch. Tonight, there is a themed party. I will be arriving adorned in a cossack and a Himalayan jacket left over from Burning Man, spinning wild tales upon my return to Mother Russia.

As is my custom.