Friday, October 17, 2014

Taking applications for a new favorite sushi spot

(collection of mountain and fog)

Tojo's was good, but somehow not as good as I dreamed it would be. It's best not to build things up in your mind too much. That's what I have to say about expensive sushi: just enjoy it. 

Don't get me wrong, it was very good but somehow didn't live up to my imagination, or memory. Expectations too often just leave you feeling bad. Ah well... what is money but a paper mechanism for second chances?

The British Columbian weekend is upon me. The image you see above is from the balcony where I have been working in North Vancouver. It has been like that for two full days now, without a single change in the clouds. It does get darker at night.

The stationary clouds are taunting me, the murk's mocking. 

Somewhere out there in the great Pacific there is an unsuspecting scallop that is waiting to become hotate sashimi just for me. I will find you my precious little mollusk, and we will unite in the stillest fog, and a rain that never falls.