Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cum se moverit ad nubes

Off to Vancouver, tomorrow. Though in truth I am already off on my journey, having left the house early this morning. I will not return until time or lack of funds demands it. A full day in the office today then a dinner party at a friend's house tonight, then a northern flight, one of my favorites.

My life is charmed, though I still find reason to complain.

I tried to Facetime with the boy this morning but he was more interested in Spiderman or Curious George.

Leaving for periods of time has become increasingly difficult, though I know it is important to occasionally do. The more complicated one's life becomes the more perspective is needed. Certain perspective can only be gained by distance, upon returning.

Rachel. The final essence of romantic love has slipped from between us, leaving nothing left in which to hold, nor cling. We have ceased reflecting one another with enough warmth, compassion, or desire. What remains is both tender and perfunctory, aching without apparent end. It is crushing in ways that I do not trust myself to relay.