Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Thema Non Grata

(pic found online)

I received a request to stop writing about Rachel, Rhys or Barkley.

So, now my sleeping habits, coffee, the gym, and the remnants of my family are all out of bounds as subject mater. What next?

That doesn't leave me with much to write about. I don't do well when picking my own topics. I tend towards the absurd and vile, or obsessive and fetishistic. It is what makes me happy, those things.

I was encouraged to go have breakfast at Cafe Mason, to talk to people, to get outside of my own head. To explore the outer circle just beyond Barkley, then beyond that.

There was a fantastic sunrise on the bay this morning, as I crossed the bridge.

I have an appointment with my doctor soon.

My grandkids never call.

My hip hurts.

(Update: this request did not come via Rachel, should have clarified that...)