Friday, May 9, 2014


This is what I did on my Florida vacation, pointed expensive cameras at the sun, for fun.

Don't worry, I shot at f22, I think, and had the ND filter on. I might have even used exposure compensation to stop down a bit. But none of that matters. If you point an expensive sensor at the sun then you'll ruin it.  

It was worth it, just look at that shot. Well worth the $1300 price tag.

Ah well, I was wanting to buy a new camera soon anyway.

Or, this one

It's a Magical Hogwarts Halo.

We were walking around the Harry Potter Wizarding World at Universal Studio's Islands of Adventure when we saw it, so not capturing it would have been wrong. It was like a giant rainbow anus in the sky. 

This post is tiring me.

Almost everything in my life is going wrong, as if I am being gnawed on by bored rats with dull or missing teeth.