Wednesday, May 21, 2014

... an impossibility without it

(The Persian waitress)

Well, the camera turned out to be too expensive, even for me... a man dedicated to wasting money on a silly hobby in his middle years. The maker of the camera was very nice about it and offered to work with me on the price, but it is too much. Though, the camera is very nice... I need a new car more than I need yet another camera.

CS, never one to let a pursuit escape, recommended an old Rolleiflex or a Hasselblad, a camera that another friend had also recommended, which I had thought to be well out of my price range.

Then, chance, as if by magic... yesterday at work a buddy had brought in his whole Hasselblad kit, lenses and all. He also had me convinced that this is the direction I should be going. 

Now, happiness is an impossibility without it.  I will begin my obsessive research, which will culminate in a purchase, after irritating everyone around me that has no real interest in cameras with incessant talk of the particulars to choose from in purchasing.

This will be fun. It must.

I will make portraits of strangers, will be beloved, admired, wandering amongst the villagers freely like a lost harlequin long after the acrobats have all left town.