Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring Break, Daytona... Catch It!

(Daytona Bandshell)

I don't have the time to write for this site any more. The terrorists have won.

I wonder if that's one of the NSA's search terms: "the terrorists have won"...

Seems sensible.

If I were in charge of that vastly complex operation then that would be a phrase that I would want to know about.

I would have personal requests filtering through the database.

There are many:

- I'm so hot for you right now
- Bombs in the plaza!
- Led Zep Rules
- Why should I pay taxes?
- I want you to watch me*
- Sean Cusick is a twat
- I want to suck your*
- Praise be to*
- Dynamite

* - wildcard search

Combine all of this with an image - albeit distinctly American - that contains hints of Medieval Moorish architecture, that ol' muslim look, via the Spaniards, and voila!...

I'll probably be getting arrested before I even hit the "Publish" button.