Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Well, I do declare....

I went back to work yesterday after a month off.  It was nice to see familiar faces and to feel the genuine warmth of being welcomed back.  Truly it was nice.  My boss hugged me.  But then there was the rest: the job itself. It was the same as it has ever been. Which means it has only gotten worse.  New rules and procedures have been implemented.  When I was working there before I saw that changes in policy and procedure were usually just some manager trying to show initiative, in competition with other managers that were also trying to show initiative. So there is a constant sea of shifting initiatives. The net result is that there is a perpetual amending of expectations . It is a combination universe, part Kafka part Orwellian, it's Kafkellian... Orwfkaesque.  It is absurd, but at least it is a regimented and instituted absurdity.

Luckily I only work again today and then I have another 6 days off.  It is by chance and circumstance that this has happened. I'm not exactly off from work for 6 days. I have some work related responsibilities while I am off. 

I need to find my friend an agent to represent him.  I don't know how one goes about this sort of thing but it is the next step.  He is a very talented photographer, but like others he similarly lacks the component of self-promotion.  

I proclaim this.  But stick around... I will proclaim other things also.

As soon as I talk to people about photography they want to refer me to somebody who does "glamour shots" or some other equally useless thing.  He is not a photographer that has worked hard and is finally no longer doing wedding photography or children's birthdays and is now ready to take the next step in his career. He is an artist and has little interest (that I know of) in "working" as a photographer.  He simply needs an agent. 

Perhaps I should represent him.  I should get him to sign a contract, and soon.... I believe the standard rate is 20%, or is it 25% now?  Perhaps agent fees are like tipping, even though it is already on a sliding scale (a percentage) they just keep bumping the percent up, as if it needs to be increased because of inflation, cost of living, etc.

One must always think of these poor surly waitresses and bartenders when tipping. Soon it will simply be that when you are paying the check at a restaurant there will be included with the check the waiter's car payment, or mortgage, or insurance stub. You can just send it in when you get home, a courtesy envelope (stamped) has been included. It's not due for almost a week, so no worries... just make sure you don't incur a late payment. If you do, the waiter has also provided a courtesy printout about how you would go about paying the late payment as well.  But that would be quite rude to do to the poor guy, wouldn't it?  And it's really a sign that you should be eating in nicer restaurants.

Ok, I proclaim this in the name of all that is holy.  It is written in the tears of buddha's belly.  Eat up.