Saturday, June 11, 2011

13 ways of looking at a redneck

Drinkers wish that they could freeze time and reverse it more often than most people, I imagine.  About once every couple of months, sometimes less, there are moments that I wish I could just freeze and then eliminate, or reverse; or at least have the option to look away from.

But who doesn't?  Maybe the amateur river acrobat pictured above and below.  He told us stories about how he studied the Japanese language for 18 years just so he could tell somebody off.  Though I don't remember him speaking any Japanese. 

He expressed other, more native talents, however.

Actions can seem absurd when frozen in time. Though in fairness they often seem much more so when completed.  Actions are one thing, memories another.  When the objective becomes the subjective. The distance and difference between the past and the ever-colliding present. 

The present constantly modifies the past; it re-tells the ever returning lie, rounding the terrible truths as it goes, inflating the scant victories, stretching them into myth.

I recently read that remorse is for wrongs committed and regret is for missed opportunities. But then I looked them both up in the dictionary and found that's only about a half of a truth. 

What an immense rift exists between being sorry and being sorrowful, a whole river of differences.  

I've yet to find the forward-dock-flip that will get me across.