Friday, June 17, 2011

The Tempest, Cain

In the darkness the rain came. The rolling thunder preceded by its flashes far. The order of rumble not usually heard here.  Sometimes coming from a great distance and then to another distance going, always, the sound it seems.  Other times mysteriously lighting up the apartment as if it was for us alone, soundlessly and only for an instant.  And yet again the occasional immense burst of boom...

The rain filled the air around us, falling for us, at the windows, and just inside. The winds moist with the noise. We both awoke and stayed at first very silent in the darkness, touching only hand to waist, or arm.  Murmuring gentle awarenesses.

It was the type thunder that we are familiar hearing mostly in open places, the beaches, the mountains, elsewhere.  It delivered its forceful message of authority in bolting demands.  It was a thunder of unbroken space, impossible to run from, or to.  Difficult to tell when each clap had stopped, impossible to miss its start, whether near or far, the reverberations hit amidst the buildings. 

The returning fade of god's voices, questions... 

New York, "Where is your brother?"

It was comforting; reducing the size of the city. The immensity of the concrete giving way to the voice of nature, as if for us.

Neither knew what it was doing here, rumbling through the night uninvited, unannounced. Perhaps it wandered in from the Atlantic, distracted by the lights, unable to get out, to get away.  Looking for trouble, dashing from avenue to avenue, trying to find the Hudson, the bay, anything it could cane.  Crazed with confusion, fear, desires, on a lost god bender.  Impossible to get a cab in this condition. 

"Am I my brother's keeper?"

Not when he's like this....


When we finally got out of bed this morning, my wife already in the kitchen. It was as if there had been a massive underwater love affair just outside, but soon to be forgotten.  

The type thing that really finds its center in Miami...  

The tempest had possibly moved south in darkness, towards an after party in a land of liquid sunshine.