Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Small coffee, to go

What a mess. This time it's much worse than just ending sentences in prepositions. But perhaps I will save that story for another time. It is late and the shambles that is my life would take too long to sort out here.

So, a shorter story....

I was sitting in a diner yesterday. It is a local place that always has great vegetables on the menu.  So I was having a cheeseburger.  I was by myself sitting at what would pass as a bar if they served alcohol, but it was really nothing more than a raised counter.  I was at the far end of the counter, against the wall.  A guy walks in and orders a small coffee. The guy behind the counter says that they only have one size.
Fine, he says. He'll take it, to go..  

A few minutes later the barkeep comes out with the coffee and the other guy hands him some cash. It was then that I noticed the guy didn't seem like he quite knew how to drink coffee.  It must have come out black, and hot.  He goes to take a sip of it and he is startled by how hot it is, and I'm assuming by the strength of the flavor as well.  

A minute or two pass and the guy working behind the counter comes back and asks him if he has any other bills because he can't accept this one. As he passes him the bill back I notice that it's a bright, crisp $100. I also notice that the guy is wearing rather dark glasses. He says it's all he's got and the guy behind the counter says he can come in and pay for the coffee later. 

He says, No thanks, and walks out without the coffee.

It was then that I pondered how many coffee shops there are within just a block or two of where we were, places that are known for how good their coffee is.  Aha, I think.  Small purchase, to-go, paying with a brand new bill, large denomination.... clearly this guy is a tourist. 

I can't believe I didn't try to rob him.