Sunday, June 12, 2011

The finger

(Dwayne, my neighbor)

I have lost my mind.  I had seen it coming but then it just slowly exploded on me.  Or was it suddenly.  There is nothing to say about it.  It happens every now and then.

I read this morning about how the United States government has developed a plan to provide dissidents in foreign countries with internet access.  It was the lead story in the New York Times. I have calculated the best time for me to become a patriot-zealot and it is soon, very soon.  So I am preparing some backstory.  Soon I will be marching in Pro-Palin rallies. I read about her emails in The Times yesterday. They reported about what a judiciously minded governor she was, about how everybody's perceptions of her are skewed by her media personality.  I couldn't believe what I was reading. They gave example after example of how she used good judgement as a governor. This was The New York Times reporting on Sarah Palin.

At least I'm not the only one going crazy. It is a small comfort but a comfort nonetheless.  Is "nonetheless" one of those words we're not supposed to use, like "irregardless"...?

Is it called informal usage?

Irrespective of these considerations, I expect answers.  I tried to find an online-grammar-checker but gave up after following a few links that led to software downloads, purchases, etc.  Grammar is mostly mythical.  It is only useful up to a point; as is evidenced by this site.  No, I kid.  It is part of my loss of mind. But grammar is a good example of failed science, not far off from phrenology. Do they still teach sentence structure in school? I wonder.

I spent time in school designing sentences. There were these things called "sentence trees" and they were designed to help us develop better sentence structure. Then rap came along and we were all left alone again to wonder.

Ok, nothing at all to say today. It is a Sunday and I have no strength left to take on any subject with my usual brand of argumentative discourse, my polemics tempura. 

The finger is an appendage and is used in grammar when you attach something to a larger or more important subject.