Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ave.C of Forgotten Dreams

This was a wall photo made by a New Yorker 32,000 seconds ago. A tenement building fell and closed off the entrance to the avenue where it remained undisturbed for another 20,000 seconds.  This artist with the crooked finger made several other Ave. C photos.  It was easy to recognize them because they were all done with an iPhone 3GS. 

We sat and looked at these strange dreams, speaking to us from across the millennia, uttering their silent stone incantations...

Holy Crap! I just went to Rotten Tomatoes and saw that Herzog's film got a 96% rating.  The images were good, the dialogue and interviews were mostly abysmal.  The film could have only been half the length and it would have been better. There was far too much weird filler in this documentary just to get it to feature length.

I don't have anything to write about today.  I know this and soon you will too.

Ok, I was going to go on and prove my point, but I concede defeat.

Well, Selavy is sick, very sick.  My church group has been having a prayer vigil for him.