Friday, June 3, 2011

Wekiwa Springs, Florida

I've been in Florida for about a week. I was finding it increasingly difficult to relax in NYC, as I have mentioned many times on this site.  There are mosquito bites all along my legs from a trip we took to Wekiwa Springs, canoeing up the Wekiva River.  No, those are not typos.  As far as I know the spring is spelled with a "w" and the river is with a "v."  They are Indian names meaning, bug-bites and bug-bite, respectively.  

No, it does not.  I don't know what the word means.  

The main attraction is the year-round 72 degree water at the spring.

I've canoed the river, and adjoining rivers, many times with my childhood buddy Bobby Williams.  He met his wife there. We were kids, eager to meet girls and rid ourselves of the awful stigma of virginity, and that's how it happened for him.  

My buddy designed a loose component contraption made from a Sony Walkman, a set of small speakers (I want to say they were Bose but my facts might be distorted by time), and a small motorcycle battery.  He had looked around at "boomboxes" and decided that he could make something better sounding and ultimately more useful.  So he did.

All day up and down the Wekiva River we would blast the triumphant rock and roll sounds of Boston and Bruce Springsteen, naturally.  

It is impossible for young girls to resist this behavior, you see.  It was written in the skies for them.

I will write more about Florida when I can. I'm going to go back to sleep as I have many things to do today and woke up with my neck hurting from the all night cage-fighting match I was in with my pillow last night.

Below is what appears to be the early formation of a retirement nudist colony.  You can see from the color of the water that it is quite conducive to the nudist impulse. 

"72 in 72" would be my name for their colony....