Tuesday, May 17, 2011

prescripted elixirs.

I finally slept for an hour.  It was after much subway traveling uptown, and then back downtown, then to a friend's house, then walking one of their children to school, then back again, then a short walk home, then some reading on the couch, then the ingestion of some magic relaxation elixir...prescripted, of course... the dog curling up under my elevated legs, and then before I knew it: well, then I woke up...

I must have gotten at least an hour of undisturbed sleep. My neck and upper back were sore from sleeping on the couch, at a bad angle. When I rose the dog was gone, my breath was stale, what's left of my retreating hair was amiss in the front-room mirror.  My piles had unexpectedly caught fire in my slumber.  It felt as if a family of rats on some deranged demon vacation were gnawing at my ass from the inside like it was christmas morning, but I felt rested.