Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Today is my Monday.  It is the way the work week works at my job.  It is very rare that any other person's day is the same as mine.  We get two days off each week, like most others, but those two days can be spread anywhere across the week, or separated.  So the last day we work before a day off is our "Friday" and the day we return is our "Monday"... Often I have two Fridays and two Mondays during one week, and then I am used to addressing other people's Fridays and Mondays, which are rarely mine, as I said.  Though somehow each day always feels like a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

Again, today is my Monday. It is a boredom hardly worth entertaining with more words. It makes me want to eat candy bars.

There are many things that I love about my job. The people that I work with most of all. But it is the feeling of lost time that haunts me.  I doubt that I'll regret having met many of the people that I've met. But the time slipping away, that is another thing.  

Well, I suppose many must regret lost time, especially towards the end. I already have begun to question the loss, and there has been much of it.  

Another day lost forever, and then a week, then another year.  

The days creep by, the years fly.

Nothing else to say today.

"Talking to myself and feeling old, Sometimes I'd like to quit, Nothing ever seems to fit, Hanging around, nothing left to do but frown... Rainy days and Mondays always get me down"