Thursday, April 28, 2011

glancing upwards

It is raining. It will rain all day today. It is my day off from work, of course. Tomorrow it will be sunny and beautiful all day long.  I will work tomorrow, accordingly.  It is what nature does to an insomniac. It gives them what they need the most.  It is part of god's salvo-plan for us.

Yesterday morning the doctor gave me a powerful prescription, something to help with sleep issues and stress.  It is a famous drug with a famously high abuse-potential.  Hearing the very name of the drug calms some people down. He did not give me very many of them but if I go back and tell him how well they worked then that will be the next step.  It always pays to be honest with your doctor. They are on your side.  They do not want you suffering and they do not want you to lose your job.  Most of all they want you to be insured against health risks.

Between the rain showers today I will walk on foot through the neighborhood in search of anybody selling raw opium at a good price.  A friend said that he can get some but it is expensive. I reminded him that I currently have a job and cost is of no concern to me.  I will keep my opium addiction a secret from my doctor and possibly even my friends.  I have been told that this is for the best.  That no matter how much you love opium and want to share it with those you love it is best to keep it a secret, especially at work.  It is a private activity.

Here is what the day will possibly look like tomorrow when glancing upwards from my front door:

Let me know where you might be and I will try find you there...