Friday, April 22, 2011

How To Spot A Masturbator

(unclear who the masturbator is in this picture)

Please click this: link

Damn it.  I had forgotten about this. I saw it last night. A friend had posted this link on Facebook and I came close to losing my mind in alternating bouts of joy and shame as I read it.  It is either nearly perfect comic genius or even funnier than that, it is real.  

I can't tell, and it would ruin it for me to find out, I think.

"There are people who claim they can identify a masturbator with one glance."

Brilliant.  A must read for all people everywhere.  Take special note of the picture of the author.  

It offers no sincere advice on how to stop masturbating, or even why you would really want to aside from Old Testament plagues of locusts, but rather it is a guide to recognizing them and their inward shame.  It even lapses into being an expose on those who specialize in spotting a self-abuser....

Absolutely amazing, twisted far beyond rationale.