Sunday, April 17, 2011

Love USA

There are many stories that I can not tell here.  Being married is preventative to some of my tale-telling ways.  Perhaps in time I will be able to relay some of those fables. But for now the wife has issued a clear decree of: No.  It is understandable, of course. I shudder to think how her site, if she wrote one, would read from time to time, with me as a subject.  I create absurd stories and situations with the least effort imaginable, sometimes none at all.  I oftentimes create the best tales as part of actively trying to prevent them from reaching the tale level.  Or perhaps it is only the way I see the situations that makes them absurd.  I can never be sure. Who really can?

The cook pictured above sure does "Love USA"... He saw me taking pictures so he came over to get in the shot, I think.  Or perhaps he wanted to see if I myself wanted a "Love USA" steak-and-cheese sandwich of my own.  I was out and taking pictures of graffiti/tags/street-art, trying to accumulate some images from which to work.  I am beginning to suspect that I will never get the interview that I was hoping for. Though this guy seemed willing to talk about, or sell, his art.

The day before yesterday was our 2nd anniversary, my wife's and mine.  This was more of our "secret" anniversary, as we snuck off to the courthouse and got married on tax day two years ago. Nobody knew we were were going to do it, save a few inside accomplices and the civil servants who facilitated it. Then we had a wedding ceremony nearly 6 months later, almost to the day.  We didn't even know we were going to elope a few days before it happened.  We hadn't spoken in months.  I had a girlfriend. We were trying to break up, once and for all.  It didn't work.  

We do one thing better than break up and that's get back together.  

So be it, we agreed.  

It is written....

Love US