Saturday, April 9, 2011

... the flag of decency

This site is, of course, highly fictionalized.  Yesterday's post gained some enthusiastic support, but I felt it best to be honest. About halfway through the post it becomes pure fantasy, though admittedly a recurring one.  It was what I dreamed of doing. What perhaps should have happened, in a just world.  The truth of it didn't function as much as a story.  So the truth had to go.

My wife's mother asked me in an email for the address to this site.  I don't quite know how to tell her that it is a partially, and sometimes fully, fictionalized account of my experiences. Especially as so many of the experiences documented here actually did occur. She knows this.  Perhaps the anonymous approach that my friend over at selavy has taken is preferable.  I see that now.

There is the sudden feeling, the hushed aftermath, of somebody hissing, "Chill-Out! My mom's here..."

So I will reduce the toilet humor for a while and we will make this place respectable again.  We'll hire a whole new cleaning staff and start operating on a stricter schedule.  We'll paint the bathroom walls and hang high the flag of decency.

We'll see.

I finally got my new computer.  I had to get a second one as the first one had some troubles right out of the box, which is to be expected from time to time. But the new one is a wonder, a thing of beauty, a marvel of the modern age.

In addition to that I also got my camera back. So, I am back in business, dangerous again.

Sometime soon I will return to the storefront and inquire about the street-artist who has taken my interest.  I will see if it's going to be possible to get an interview with him, and possibly shoot some other footage as well. I will navigate my way through that experience with as few threats and screaming matches as possible.  I have documented all of that in an unpublished post.  I'm waiting to see what luck might emerge, and trying not to ruin it all before it happens.

Ok, I have a full day today.  One filled with problems that I am expected to resolve, creating no new ones in the process.

We'll see.