Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm gonna party like it's $1999

I'm getting a new computer today. I needed one, but hadn't expected that I'd be getting this one.  The old one died. The relentless march of technology moves onward and upward.

So, I went to the dog park, of which I have written about many times here, and ran into an old friend and his family.  We sat and talked about the neighborhood and the changing face of New York.  There was a guy sitting across from us who looked familiar.  He overheard us talking about the documentary, "I Like Killing Flies" and he piped in.  It turns out that he's a local butcher from the Essex Street Market, and he now has his own pilot that he's developing, and he's signed to the William Morris agency.  Of course... the butcher is signed to William Morris.  Sherman probably owns his own network by now...

The wife is at yoga. She tried to get me to go but I was in no mood to be shamed in front of a roomful of women this morning.  I am inflexible in this regard, until the mood strikes me.

Soon I will have my photo library back, and my camera, and then I will be dangerous again.... Google-willing.