Saturday, April 23, 2011

lost from this world

(Wangechi Mutu)

Last night as I was drifting towards sleep I thought of something to write about today.  I told myself to make a note, that is what notes are for, to reach for one.  Another voice said that I should just wait and see if I can remember it, to test myself.  Another voice said be quiet... A final voice said nothing but fell by preference to darkness discernible, to darkness descending.

My friend at Selavy sent this link the other day. It is a great site for photographs.  Yes, it is French, so unless you read the language there is little to appreciate on that level. Yes, there are lots of nudes, though nothing even vaguely pornographic by my standards. But you should know that female nudity is a prevalent theme on the site.  I have looked through the entire site now and it is an interesting collection of places and times and people, much of it black and white, all of it of a time gone by, lost from this world, but still held in this way.

I awoke and thought of my life half gone, the lost moments, pictures never taken. The times, both good and bad and otherwise, that went mainly unrecorded.  Now gone except for some unwritten words.  

It will rain grey all day today.  

(Wangechi Mutu)