Monday, April 11, 2011

Cut Rate Cosmetics

(Cut Rate Cosmetics)

So, my mother-in-law read the better portion of this blog yesterday. Her report back to me was encouraging.  She said she admired the dedication, that I tried to post each day. Her daughter and I are on the verge of making a much bigger commitment. Perhaps I am practicing a little bit. 

She wondered why I didn't write more about my years spent in the music industry, as a performer.  I was a dj for many years. It is a form of performance art involving music of which I have written about many times before on (which then became ).  I went to look for those writings just now and I couldn't find them. After many years they seem to have been taken down from the site.  A few weeks ago I discussed having my dj dna re-animated from internet amber at any moment by somebody simply doing a search for me.  I suppose that is even less true now than it was then, with a large remnant of my body of written work suddenly gone. 

I had done an interview many years ago for the people mentioned above. It was my first encounter with them. I thought it would be interesting to administer the exact same set of questions 10 years later, approx.  Perhaps there is little interest from the electronic music community in the thoughts of a semi-retired, aging dj. But perhaps it would reveal more than only reader disappointment.  Who knows.

I have always felt that dj's inflate what they do so much that I felt it my natural responsibility to examine the form more critically. Not so much with a disinterested eye, but rather an extremely interested and vested view, and from a very short distance.  They tend to not like this so much, dj's. (I try not to start a sentence with "dj" as it requires me to capitalize one of the letters, etc.)

My friend at selavy wrote this morning about one of the potential effects of criticism, and critics.  I want very badly to begin an organized criticism of one of his critics but am currently showing great restraint. If it begins then do not worry my gentle readers, you will be the 3rd or 4th to know....

I get to meet many interesting people at my job.  It is unfortunate that I don't get to talk with them more than I do, but that is the nature of the arrangement.  It is still pleasant to occasionally have interesting conversation in what I do for work, however brief.  I also meet many dj's and one day perhaps I will relay the experience of meeting dj's when they have no idea that the person they're talking to was once also a dj.  It makes for some funny situations and in certain ways it supports the long-running assertions that I have made about them.

(the coat room of an outdoor party)