Thursday, November 7, 2019

Now, what in the methamphetamine is going on here?

Yes, I know, the image troubles me also. But I like it. The leash doesn't hurt her, but she won't fight against it. The swirl was accidental, and not taken with a special lens for the effect. Optics and light are strange, or can be. There is so much to learn and know when it comes to the science of optics, and I have little time or interest in learning much of it, but I do wish I had paid more attention in the cinematography classes that I took in college. They might have been useful.

I didn't. I reveled in apathy and indifference.

I worked long and hard today, though, for reasons that I can not confirm. It just happened and it didn't feel terrible, but now the day is gone and I regret not making more of it. Not even a sacred bike ride.

There is a new camera that I want, but I'm not like old money bags over in the financial paradise of Detroit. The camera has what I would consider to be a problematic feature set. They have out-cooled themselves on this one. I'm afraid that I would buy it but prefer the back EVF of my current model, the one before this one. They've upped the price of being hip again. 

What would I know about being hip? You're about to find out how flimsy my efforts are.

Watch this:

I taught myself to play an old Grateful Dead song today - Deal. I would post a video of them playing it here, but Jesus I can't do it. I must be a bigot. Jerry Garcia is a fuckin' stinkin' fat hippy. He's impossible to look at in the 80s. Just a sloppy drug addict in a dirty unbuttoned flannel shirt. I do love his melodic playing, though. When I try to play along with him it makes me wish that I was a dirty hippy in an rotten stained t-shirt, also.

Here, have a studio version of Sugaree instead: