Wednesday, November 27, 2019

My new article in Cosmo....


My life has become like CS's: all of my stuff is breaking down and I am having to spend non-existent money on things I didn't want. The brand new iMac computer that I spent $3500 on has had two kernel panics and two unexpected shutdowns. I've updated the system's OS, unplugged all external devices, created a new user account, and so now I just wait... I'm hoping to catch either a kp or a shutdown so that I can see it in the console logs. This will hopefully give me an idea why it's happening. It's under warranty, of course, and I bought the extended warranty, but still... it is a brand new machine, and kps are a bad sign. It could be the expensive memory sticks I put in there - $600 worth. Apple will not work on my machine with those in there. I'm certain of it. I have probably voided my warranty by installing it myself, and I gave the original memory away to a local computer shop here. I should put getting that back on my list of things to do but I probably won't. 

Now, most of my software doesn't work any more. Upgrading the Apple OS early always results in consumer punishment. Upgrading your OS is not really a troubleshooting step but it is what they taught us.

I am off from work until Monday, which is helpful. I interacted with a completely useless twat yesterday. I was on the verge of telling him to fuck off but I chose to just ignore him instead. Now I do not need to think about it until Monday. On Monday I have a strategy to divert him away from me, and giving him a few days to become incensed will make the diversionary tactic all the more pleasing for me.

A long time ago my brother gave me a little bit of advice. He said, Watch people carefully, there are some that will always approach you as if you owe them something and sometimes out of habit you'll find yourself helping these people. But always remember that most people aren't owed anything, and acting otherwise doesn't make it so. 

Well, he didn't say those exact words, but you get the idea. It was not very far off from that and he was right. Some people seem genuinely appreciative of the help that you can give them, then some people expect you to report to them as if they're your manager. This guy was the latter type.

So, on top of all of my many other shortcomings I am also confessedly petty.

Rachel's mom is here for the week. Perhaps you can detect it in my writing and in the days I have taken off. She is so helpful and always includes others to assist in her helpfulness. It is a version of the behavior described above. It helps everybody feel grateful when grandma is being so helpful. We are all enlisted in gratitude.

Pettiness, sure, but not today! 

Today I am selfless-ish. I am going into the city to witness my two friends' marriage at the SF City Hall. I will be the witness and the official photographer, and maybe the official amateur also. I guess it just depends how well the pics turn out and how much I want to charge for them. After the ceremony they have offered to take me to lunch. I tried to offer to buy them lunch, but they refused. They have looked at my life and thought, How can we emulate that? So, I will witness the vows and then give them lunchtime advice on how to keep your love going into your 50s.