Thursday, November 21, 2019

between force and this

(turn up the brightness on your device)

I do not suspect this picture will translate very well here, it barely looks lookable on my expensive new 27" iMac with plasma something and expanded graphics cards, luminosity features, something, something, something, bright lights.....

Mom, the boy, and I took it tonight in the back yard. We were hoping to see the meteor shower, but have moved to the wrong side of America.

I just had a text exchange with an old friend about that image, sort of. I sent it and within a few words we were making and sharing observations about those who enjoy a taste for the abyss, or a little abandon - the compulsive, etc. The need for a unified field theory between the compulsive and the attractive.

I wanted to buy myself a keyboard, nothing fancy, just something to feel alive about. I said so, after other wants.

Then, we texted goodnight. 

No other generation has complained so much about being handed the keys to a second hand century, and so soon after barely even driving it off the lot.