Tuesday, November 19, 2019

More Dangerous Photos

This one is dangerous because it shows what mom does for a living - raises money for the science. 

Little Lebowski Urban Achievers, yes, and proud we are of all of them. 

I joke, but I am very proud of her and so is the boy. While I explored a boundless and systematized disorganization of all the senses for a couple years after our divorce, she achieved a master's degree. At dinner, we meet in the middle and only talk about things that I can speak authoritatively about, which is the subset that has become my own photos and writing. We're advocates for traditional family values, you see, and we believe that dad's dogma should be silently resisted at dinnertime.

I hope that it is clear by now how much I kid much through the occasionally truthful well of exaggeration.

Anyway, as is said in these situations, we're all happy today and just letting the day wade by slowly, playing Legos on the floor, listening to Burning Spear, petting the dogs as we walk by them, drinking scotch because the wine ran out.  

Photography is one of those weird places where motive need not be established, since to the viewer it seems abundantly clear. Why would you need to state the disgusting thing that should be obvious to all?

I took this picture a few years ago among about a thousand that I took that same day, mostly of kids playing. When I discovered it I thought, Oh, how funny

But not everybody finds such images so funny. Some people see danger there, too.