Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Tinsel to the eye

The boy goes back to school tomorrow - 2nd grade. I crave the normalcy this will return to my life. We have lived with a somewhat irregular schedule for the entire summer. It has worn me out. I love the boy's company, of course, but not all day and every day while I'm trying to work and take care of the dogs and all else that I do to keep Sean being Sean. Like the occasional mid-day nap.

Naps are my favorite thing now. I am like an old sexless cat. I'll purr if you pet or feed me but I fuck like I have feline leukemia. Don't worry, it can't kill a grown man but it makes be bald in areas at the front and on top of the head, I'm frail, and I cough up hair sometimes when we have guests. Other than that strangers don't like to pet me and it's not only because I'm often farting.

There are other problems. Not even bathing in moisturizer can help me now. 

Well, speaking of naps. I want one of them now, before everybody comes home and the house starts to sound so much like tinsel looks to the eye. 

Nope, a mother of one of Rhys' friends just texted. It's time to go pick him up. No naps will be had today.