Wednesday, August 28, 2019

An otherwsie perfectly normal Wednesday

It's been a week since I was hit by a car, almost to the hour. Recovery is happening with a few setbacks. Sudden or dull pains and muscle spasms are making progress less than inexorable. The experience has not make me feel more rugged or sexy. Riding my bike helped a bit there, though. I have told myself that I will return to riding today. I should be thankful that this experience has not been more traumatic. It could have been. 

Your own face is an unusual subject to photograph. People seem to know when they look good and tend to be appalled when I think they look interesting. Interesting looks good to me. Though I do like to see people when they are happy, also. Some people seem to appear naturally happy in photographs and it's rarely a surprise which ones they are. You tend to know before you ever take a shot. Every now and then someone will surprise you and you can see glimmers of happiness among the snarking grimaces. 

I played the internet, a classical piece transposed to a minor key and then just let a web service create a playlist for me. It has been one of the best musical mornings I've had in while. Just chords and notes moving around the room like pixies and demons.