Thursday, August 15, 2019

Oh baby, just you shut your mouth

I went into the city last night. There was a speaker from Amazon. He talked about security, infrastructure, threat analysis. Afterwards I went out to dinner with my friends who recently became engaged after a long courtship, almost ten years. We had sushi and sake and beer, then wine back at their house, then whiskey, then I slept on a futon. I would have preferred a day to convalesce but it was not to be. I worked then drove home, listened in on a conference call for most of the drive, barely able to maintain interest. It's what alcohol seems to mostly do now - enervate. 

I received an invitation to dj a friend's wedding. Well, I received a wedding invitation, now there is talk of dj'ing. I prefer playlists to djs, but don't tell any of my friends, the primacy of the dj is sacrosanct. I have no desire to even be towards the center of attention any more. Or rather, only when I am speaking, which I do less and less lately. 

It is maybe the curse of fatherhood. You just start to be quiet, all of the time. 

Also, I am skeptical that the human race will last another hundred years. What could there possibly be to talk about now?