Friday, August 30, 2019

Men Working

Sometimes I feel as if I am owed a peaceful death, after all. Why I feel this way makes no sense, but having made it to 50 and having survived being hit by a car the other day it feels as if the universe should just go easy on me now, forever. 

There is only one end to suffering, the rest is merely cessation.  

Are you there Milky Way? It's me, Sean. I need a Snickers...

Well, maybe it's the hurricane that's bearing down on Florida again. They should give them last names also, so that the Supreme Court can grant them citizenship and full rights. That way people can be prosecuted for opening fire on them. Though I suppose Florida's Stand Your Ground laws are pretty clear on this issue. 

Can the sexes be stereotyped? It seems that they can, and easily so. Listen to songs, you'll see. We celebrate it there but denounce it elsewhere. We are inconsistent beings.  

There are two things that I simply love to do - complicate things beyond recognition, then oversimplify my characterization of the angry responses at me having done so.
I first mistyped the word as: loversimplify. The l being so perilously close to the o. 

I find myself staring at words more. Everything is going to disappear.