Thursday, October 26, 2017

Gear Guy

I'm lying here in room 3010 at The Intercontinental in SF. We arrived last night with plans to go to dinner in Japantown, but by the time we arrived here at the hotel it was too late to have any external adventures, so we ordered room service and went to the swimming pool to keep the boy entertained. I will bring him into the office with me this morning for a couple hours. Everything is still such a struggle and will be until we can bring the boy back to school. The fire experience has made me think of single parents, how difficult life is for them, especially the necessitous.   

My birthday went well; a day spent caring for the boy. We lounged around the house and did nothing for most of the day, went to lunch at a local place, Hopmonk Tavern. There is a stage there where we have taken pictures before, so we went and took pictures again. I need a camera bag. I have become that guy that walks along with two camera bodies and three lenses to swap between them. I would post a picture here, but I left all of that back at home. I tend to be happiest when I leave the house with a single body and either a 35mm or a 50mm lens. I need two camera bags, one for the Nikons and one for the Fuji. I've become "gear guy." I've tried to avoid it, but love for anything like photography pretty much necessitates it.

That's two paragraphs in a row that end with the idea of necessity. I'll let you decide on their differing merits.