Monday, October 9, 2017


That's a satellite image of our beautiful little valley burning to the ground. We're not alone, as of now there are fourteen un-contained fires burning in the region, a few big ones in Napa also. The vineyard I went to see the show at last night, Gundlach Bundschu, is on fire (below). 

We just received news that the fires have reached the B.R.Cohn winery, which is only a couple miles from our house, maybe four miles away at the most.

I didn't take the fires seriously enough when we were leaving. I grabbed most of my cameras but left my server in the house which has all of my music on it, a lifetime's worth of collecting. I only have the clothes I'm wearing. My birth certificate and social security card are still there, waiting the flames.  

Ah well, it is lunchtime. There is nothing that I can do. If I were there I would offer to try and drink their wine for them.