Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The problem with optimism

Yesterday's post title was not a palindrome. CS was almost quick enough to point that out, but the damage had already been done. Tulsa slut, is. 

Ah well, one can not possibly arrive at correctness when following every avenue. 

1 Rue Erreur.

I have a little window of time here that I could be working but I have snuck off to this page to smoke a secret cigarette. I've been in the city all day today and will stay afterwards to have a few beers. It is a going away party for a person that I've worked with for several years. He will be pursuing advancing the improv company that he has created. 

It leaves me with an odd feeling when people move on. It forces the question, But, why are you leaving? I operate on the premise that everybody knows something that I don't. This gives me the option of seeming as if I'm interested while always having the escape route of regarding that knowledge, once shared, as being effectively useless. This is why I repeat almost every bit of information that I hear within the hour of hearing it, to assess whether or not it's worth stealing. 

Sometimes, when I'm in the airport, I'll hold my phone up to my ear and repeat the words of one side of any conversation that I can overhear. It's maddening for the victim, barely entertaining for me. What else am I supposed to do? People in glass airports shouldn't throw stones. 

Working remotely prevents me from socializing often or well. I'm going to turn all of that around tonight. I can feel it. Tonight is going to be my night. It's almost as if my favorite song just came on the radio. 

Good God, I hope there's a dance floor at this bar.