Saturday, June 10, 2017

Sonny and Cher

(Nick Offerman / Megan Mullally)

I just picked up my Fuji X-Pro2 and had a little camera rush. The feel of it in my hands made me want to shoot today. I've started to lose little pieces of my enduring love for the D810. It seems unwieldy, unnecessarily large, heavy. It's nearly impossible to conceal that you are taking pictures while using it. The zeitgeist would hint to us that Nikon and Canon are done as companies, completely over. They are suffering all the bad press of the two-party system, I think. Sony is emerging as the new Trump, mostly famous for its successes in the 80s, now repackaged as a genuine trail blazer, one that points to a brighter future for all if we could just admit cameras that lack a mirror in the optical path are classy, and simply amazing, really the best.

Perhaps there are no corollaries between camera systems and political parties, but pretending's fun