Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happy Birthday


I had thought that there was more rain this year than last, but no... my barber told me that there were two inches fewer this than the previous, still well below average, and also that my hair is thinning dangerously. 

I suppose that mood affects the weather more than I had previously reckoned. 

Is that an actual word, reckoned?


I am old. I remember masturbating to still images. There were these paper goddesses lying betwixt magazine ads in perfect diptych - as if - mostly girls with big smooth butts and a full harvest of dark woman pussy hair. 

The only thing that gave the impression of their liveliness was involvement, one hand turning the pages as needed, naked sheets of flesh dancing in the tremors of the windows; me standing there as an arriving breath, a set of rushed exhales amidst the sighs of Zeus.