Saturday, October 1, 2011


The sun is just making its way up into the valley.

Today we go into SF for a big festival in the park.  I will bring my camera and act like a cop, gazing sternly across their event and speaking into an earpiece.  It is easy for me.  I like to scare hippies.  To harsh their buzz....


I will be dancing naked and forming human mandalas with them, daisies decorating my hairline.  A swath of petunias creating a garden of modesty, where a tempting snake awaits afresh an unsuspecting Eve. 

Seems unlikely....

I will take a lesson from my old buddy below and bow to everyone with a perma-simile on my face, my spiritual mask affixed, a dietary supplicant, open 24 hours, like old Ronald McReagan down here... the king of California.