Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another day in merchandise....

(Sandow Birk, Battle of California, Di Rosa gallery)

Can I tell all of you something? A little secret...?  I am beginning to recoil from the people of Marin County, in earnest.  Not all of them, but at least 10%, possibly 20, some days 30+%.... or more.

I interact with them on a regular basis and they are predictably detestable people.  They are what many must consider "middle-America"as they seemingly embody those ideals, though they hardly know it, ignorance being their one main shared attribute, the banner and flag they wave from each and every brand, and possibly the only thing these people actually do share.

They think themselves spiritual and advanced and enlightened... it shows.... Ugh, it makes me ill.  The 10-30% that I'm referencing have openly repugnant spiritual qualities.  They are empty vessels.  Or, if not then they are filled with inherited poisons, passed down from the ages, yet they were born sadly fangless, so that the vinegar venom has crept into their blood streams, infused their organs, brought bladdered their nervous systems... with no way out except through their hateful eyes and dull words of monotonous misshapen condescensions and insouciant casual abuse.  

They are the religiously unkind of this world.

Even the foreigners that have migrated to Marin County seem dull, pedestrian, quotidian, or worse.  It is the sadness of the global economy. The "Ugly American" of the post-war era has become the Ugly-Anybody-From-Anywhere whose currency is beating the dollar like a gong on a game show.

I don't wish any harm on any of these people.  I merely wish that I had cared more about my life so that I would not have to interact with them now, that I had created a more meaningful means of subsistence, instead of this endlessly foul deception and deadfall snare of daily needs.

The apple might not have been from the tree of knowledge at all.  Perhaps it was from the last hanging vines of grasp, and poor barefoot Eve picked and bit from among the lower branches to perform her seductive satanic bidding.  

Adam must have seemed a reasonably easy target.... who among us might not have been...? 

Imbecile trust, in sensual surrender.

Who now, cast-out from the light, might have commanded an audience with the celestial courts, 
to redress one certain carnal sin...?  

Surely not you or I, but apparently almost anyone from modern day Marin.  

ya' know.... Original's in.